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Episode list so far

school is starting and i have become a bit lazy i'm sorry folks ^^; but here i have a list of the episodes summaries so far go to the comic archive to read them.
It's been a year ago that i started Monia when i look back i am happy to see i have improved from that in 1 year,

episode list

Episode 1 Kingdom of Monia
the story begins with the introduction of 3 orphanages teenagers who live in the frictional world of Monia, Yofiel, Tao and Eden 3 friends who stick together. Due to an afful twist of fate the two twins Yofiel and his brother Tao discover their origin.

Episode 2 ' Destiny of a Prince'
Yofiel wakes up in the house of a adult man named Sir Yale who saved him from the fire at the Orphange-house Yofiel decides to take revenge on the King, Tao find Yale's house however he tells Eden that Yale is hurting Yofiel and therefore have to rescue him.
Meanwhile Prince Derion discovers the whereabouts of the 2 Monians,

Episode 3 'The cursed forest'
to escape the borders of their hometown the' Monia west vilage ' they have to take the path of the cursed forest.

Episode 4 'communication'
Prince Derion and his teacher Bianca from the rabbit-clan joins the team into their fight against King Sarron. Eden reveals her past and how she became a orphan to Derion.

Episode 5 'City of Lights'
the group enter a city more famous as the 'city of light' Yale is trying to find a old big rebellion group that has been fighting Sarron's army for years they meet a club singer/dancer Xavira.

Episode 6 'To prove yourself'
Yofiel decides to free the captured man of the LL rebellion group but Yale first wants to train him since Yofiel is pretty weak...Charles feels guilty for what he has said..and Xavira wants to join the heroes in their mission, but it isn't going to be easy to enter the main prison of the 'City of Lights'

Episode 7 'The new member'
Yofiel and the group are called by Charles to free a few rebellions that are in jail in the Citty of lights. While trying to free them they found out they were followed by Xavira a club dancer

Episode 8 ' the forest of envy'
The group are surprised to find the dancer Xavira forcing them to to accept her as the new member. But Xavira is the least of their troubles when they all get separated.

Reviewing Targets Episode 9
All of the characters become a victim to a monster that lives
in the forest of Envy. Xavira and Eden face of against a flesh eating spider
Yofiel is underwater fighting a monster mermaid, Derion can't do anything.
Tao and Yale have to protect themselves from not only a dangerous
butterfly but also each other..

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