Descripition: Created by the same artist of Monia and the artist of Wonderland. Your famous favoriete Digimons are back in this new Digimon fan manga! Seven children in America receive a E-mail that will change their lives. It's a ticket to the Digital world!
Author: Kellox & DJGloriX

The Wonderland Project
Descripition: A normal teenage girl Maiko waits patiently for the buss ..while strange figures ( a doll and a clown ) lead her to different world..this comic is done by my sweetie princey :3 she is so talented all of the pages are digitaled colored making each page a masterpiece XD you may think i'm kissing up but just look at her comic and you see! also keep an eye on the characters some characters from Monia have a role in Alayness's comic to.
Author: DJGloriX

We Will Draw Near
Descripition: What can i say about this one? the first time i saw it, i really thought it was scan of a manga! the artwork is beautiful. But what appeals to me the most are the characters they are interesting and attracting to the eye and mind. A young man saves the life of a prince named Claude from a dangerous demon. However the two don't get along...
Author: Vervain